How goodnite™ Works

goodnite sleep is just a call away

For many snoring is an accepted part of sleeping. The noise you hear occurs when the flow of air vibrates the tissues in the back of the throat. These sounds can occur at any stage of sleep, and either through the mouth or the nose.

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Do you snore?

Let’s perform an expirement!

  1. Stand, or sit, up straight. Look forward and begin to immitate the sound of a snore.
  2. Maintain your posture and turn your head to the left while still making the sound.

Notice how the noise stopped? That’s because you succesfully opened the upper airways of your throat, tightening the vibrating tissue and causing the sound to dissipate.

The goodnite snore test

Advanced anti-snore technology, gentle implementation

The goodnite™ pillow monitors two things: breathing sounds and the user’s position on its soft surface. When it hears the user’s breathing pattern becoming hindered, resulting in the all-too-familiar rumbling of a snore, it slowly and quietly inflates air-chambers to turn their head to the side. Much like in the example above, this motion opens the upper airways returning the user to silent, restful sleep.


goodnite™ Features:

  • No prescription required, non-invasive, no medications, and no side-effects
  • Power Supply: 6 volts (DC)
  • Wireless Connection: Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE)
  • Pillow Size: 60 x 40 x 6cm
  • Foam Material: Polyurethane
  • Washable Pillowcase
  • 3D interactive anti-snoring technology
  • Gently tilts the head to the side opening the upper airway
  • Built in sensors can detect head position, sound and vibration to reduce snoring
  • Nitelink2 app monitors effectiveness and sleep quality
goodnite sleep is just a call away