The goodnite™ pillow by Nitetronic

The goodnite™ pillow is changing the way people think about anti-snore solutions. Just see what these people are saying!

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Saved My Marriage


I am a snoring middle age woman. There I said it. My snoring was causing my husband to sleep elsewhere. Now that I'm not snoring due to this amazing pillow my husband has returned to our bed. I have so much for which to be thankful; a complete night of sleep, my hubby next to me as it should be. I love my goodnite pillow!


Austin, Texas



Finally a pillow that allows both my husband and me a good night's sleep free of snoring. It really works! It's so simple but so cutting edge. I wake up refreshed from a solid night's sleep free of listening to his off and on snoring and he wakes up refreshed too because his snoring is virtually eliminated! We couldn't be happier

Donnie S.

Taylor, Texas

Not for pillow fighting


With the pillow being attached to that box, you won't be able to win a pillow fight. I've slept better, though. Thanks!



It works/Don't need the app


I bought this for my husband because I was going to murder him if he kept me from sleeping another night! He's used it for two weeks and I happily report he is still alive. He hasn't used the app yet, but he doesn't use his phone for much more than making calls. It seems to work well without it htough


Upland, CA



My daughter-in-law bought this for me after she bought one for my son to use. We're both the registered snorers in the family and thankfully we both have patient husbands and wives! The pillow took some getting used to, but after I became used to it I didn't even realize I was using anything special.


Pismo Beach, CA

I need another


Omg this pillow is fantastic! Their is no debate. Shipping was quick, packaging is fancy and the pillow works better than advertised. My SOs jealous so we'll likely be getting another one 😀



No brainer!


I've been using a Zyppah guard for almost two years and I could barely tolerate it. Most nights I found I removed it from my sleep and woke my wife up. This thing is sweet, though. I didn't think it was working it was so quiet. Definitely worth the try.